The Details

A boo-tiful scare-fest on the golf course!

Join us for a spooky good time as Superintendent Dan gets his revenge, just one day a year!

No easy pins today… It will be SUPER SCARY OUT THERE!

Tournament Results

Gross                                                                                                               Team $

70   Kris Murneeks and Jason Lemonds                                                             185

70        Keoki Landreth and Brent Bianchina                                                     185

72        Chris Terry and Gavin Bristol                                                                  120

73        John Duro and Dan Cashmere                                                                110


61        Darold Walker and Dewayne Conley                                                     220

62        Tony Carnevale and Mike Carnevale                                                     150

63        Jack Thorpe and Bob Clemo                                                                  120

65        Jim Mitchell and Mario Bosquez                                                             110

67        Brandon Redfield and Tony Bautista                                                      85

68        Steve Boyles and Kim Dorsing                                                                70

68        Allan Sacker and Jeff Burris                                                                    70

69        Sean Kramer and Bill Kennedy                                                                56.25

69        Huff Meyr and Eric Olsen                                                                       56.25

69        Kevin Olson and Ryan Iverson                                                                56.25

69        Reid Penney and Mike Borg                                                                   56.25

(Cash payout available after 11-1-20) in the golf shop.


Keoki Landreth and Brent Bianchina – Birdie on 14  $410


Jack Thorpe and Bob Clemo – (Eagle on 8)   $410

Special Events
(round of golf for two) each winner

Long Drive for Women – Madison Welch

Long Drive for Men – Robert Bodine

Kp for Men – Gavin Bristol

Kp for Women – Heidi Kjos

Best Costumes
(round of golf for two) each winner

1) Suzie Mull and Cherie Siegmund (Cop and Robber)

2) Reid Penney and Mike Burg (Wario and Bowser)

3) Brian Peters and Chris Ingram (Dumb and Dumber)

Honorable Mention) Omar Lopez and Jauncho Ramirez (Chiquita Bananas)

Tournament Tee Sheet

Please remember the importance of social distancing! Face coverings are required inside the building at all times!